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IT Management for Financial Firms

As an executive in an accounting firm are you tired of the ongoing and increasing expenses for IT equipment and software? Assets you have to replace in 3-5 years or sooner? This problem would go away if you use "IT as a Service." You would also probably improve your data security.

As the cost of technology increases and technology becomes more specialized accounting firms are finding out that by outsourcing many IT functions they are both increasing IT system performance and reliability and saving money.

Financial/accounting firms on the average budget about 4-5% of their gross revenue on technology.
According to Gartner, outsourcing can save 17% - 35% of your technology budget.

Don't have your valuable IT staff doing password resets and resolving Help Desk trouble tickets. Our redundant US-based service centers provide 24x7 support.

See what else we have done for many of our financial clients. We guarantee the results, in writing.

Our Approach

At Kaizen, our approach is to deliver IT support solutions that provide exceptional value, innovation, assurance, and integrity. We advise companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to continue to manage their own technology.

Customer First

We offer progressive outsourced solutions that enable companies to grow their businesses for superior end results, taking a customer-first approach in everything we do.

Kaizen Data Communications

Who will be your next partner?

You need a plan and we can help!

Solution Design, Professional services

As a side effect of managed services, our trusted vendors will assess and design your IT platform to maximize efficiencies, performance, security and value.

Technology road map

Our valued partners design cloud strategies that create serious value for your business. If you need to migrate an on-prem application to the cloud or build a solution from the ground up, Kaizen will get you there.

Revenue Analysis and realignment

Our trusted partners will analyze the cost efficiency of your existing services to provide a value baseline. This allows us to discover where we can drive costs down and increase efficiencies. Often times when re-architecting clients WAN we can reduce cost while increasing bandwidth, performance and security.

Cloud architecting

For most clients, migrating to the cloud means delivering applications from a mix of cloud platforms—public, private, and Software as a Service (Saas). That mix is today's hybrid cloud architecture. Kaizen solution partners can help reduce the complexity of extending applications across any combination of private and public cloud platforms.

Data Migration

Move critical Apps to the cloud with confidence! Cloud migration services deliver strategic points of control to meet delivery and access expectations for functionality, configurability, and performance—wherever the workload is hosted. The integration of management tools and connectivity between public and private cloud environments creates a seamless experience, delivering a transparent extension of the private data center and avoiding the perils of technology silos.

Security Audits and Monitoring

Our partners provide IT security experience to small, medium and enterprise sized customers with the right strategy and solutions customized for your business.

Proposal/ RFP management

Let us manage your RFP process and optimize the proposal for your business needs. We deliver in a short period of time with increased attention to your specific business needs.

You're a company that's (hopefully) moving lightly and quickly with your own cloud solution or solutions put together on a need-to basis. Private, Public, or Hybrid cloud solutions can make your business more efficient--if done thoughtfully. Whether it's your cloud, our cloud, or Amazon, are you managing that hosting solution to meet your needs and optimize your business in any configuration? Will it scale as you grow?

We would like to learn more about any challenges your company might have re: above and discuss how we might be able to help and add value to your business.

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Businesses of all sizes can save money

On both expensive equipment and the cost for acquiring staff needed to maintain and learn your equipment. The costs of hardware infrastructure adds up quickly, as does the IT spend for routine maintenance and system upgrades. A Managed Services Provider can help cut administrative costs, and capital expenses needed to support IT infrastructure systems.

To meet your IT budget requirements your IT support costs are fixed. You receive no unexpected invoices with high hourly bill rates, and you hold the MSP accountable to deliver on their service performance.

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Kaizen Data Communications

Is your budget aligned with your needs?

Kaizen works under a brokerage model which means we provide all of our services at no cost to our clients. Part of the value to our clients is our long term provider relationships. These existing relationships allow us to maximize cost savings, eliminate wasted time on being "sold" by provider reps and take the headache out of navigating through difficult negotiations.

Providers prefer to work with trusted partners who understand their value prop therefore we receive preferential pricing for our clients as a tradeoff to shorter sales cycle. Kaizen Data Comm acts on your behalf to bring focus to the buying process, eliminate unnecessary time spent sourcing the right providers and ensure delivery timelines are executed so you can sleep better at night.

Our business model benefits both vendors and customers by right-sizing, right-pricing, and right-negotiating on behalf of our clients.

Do you have enough data security?

As an executive in a Accounting firm are you challenged enforcing IT security practices? Does your staff understand and use data security and encryption strategies? Is your IT environment protected from intrusion and backed up in safe and secure ways? Are you using the latest operating systems, virus protection, firewall and patching systems? Does managing this take too much of your time?

At Kaizen we provide the highest levels of data security and encryption. Unlike most data security companies, we can manage every aspect of your IT environment and can support your users with our three US-based 24x7 Help Desk service centers.

As a Managed Service Provider we focus on IT management tools and platforms and with our staff of over 300 IT professionals we can provide you "end-to-end" security and assurance. We adhere to best IT security and compliance practices and hold all of the key IT security certificates, an important consideration for accounting firms.

Give us a call to start the conversation and let us manage your IT security requirements. We have a number of financial industry clients. We guarantee the results, in writing.

We can take care of it all.

Are your mobile devices supported?

Your company depends on their smartphones and tablets to do their jobs and when they have an issue, they expect your IT department to fix it. But, with the explosion of smartphones and tablets, and a workforce that is more geographically dispersed than ever, IT departments are struggling to keep up with mobile support issues.

Kaizen provides the solution of comprehensive support for any device or platform, no matter where your employees are located. With Kaizen, you can support smartphones and tablets with the same solution that monitors and supports your desktops, laptops, servers, routers and more.

We would love to discuss a solution that can help your IT department get ahead of the demanding need for device support.


When choosing to partner with an MSP you are acquiring IT professionals that meet the right qualifications and have all the certifications to perform their jobs at an industry leading level. This ensures that your organization gets the best possible service and always has technicians on hand to fix any problems that may arise.

MSP technicians are trained and involved in the following areas :

  • Network Infrastructure Engineering
  • Nightly and off-site backups
  • Desktop and Helpdesk Support
  • Project Management
  • Database Development & Administration
  • Application Development and Architecture
  • Server/Storage Infrastructure Engineering and Administration

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